The Art Transformations of Mandy Evans

Some brightly coloured artwork by Mandy depicting a woman reading from a book with trees growing out of itAfter moving on from coloured pencil drawing Mandy has learnt many new mediums - including the use of photoshopThe three pictures are telling a story showing how transformational art can be - here I am with my new partner - but I created this image before I met him


I started my art career as a coloured pencil artist - they suited my nomadic lifestyle and you could just set up anywhere and make a coloured pencil drawing.

I loved them because I could get a fine point and draw tiny little details - and was enthralled by the way you could draw and layer the colours over each other - and I began to discover the transformational qualities of art in my life...draw it enough and it will happen. I drew some amazing pictures with them - some of which are the first limited edition prints to be made..for example

a lyrical coloured pencil drawing by western australian artist mandy evans depicting happy animals and people in Noahs Ark.


But during my thirties my back became so bad that I had to give up coloured pencil drawing - and took up acrylic painting instead - sitting on an exercise ball and painting onto giant canvases -over the years my paintings became bold and simple ...and sold really these ones

This art series is from the underwater art series that I still occassionally add to today These simple bold paintings are huge in size and were a pleasure to create...they started of as small coloured pencil drawings and then I used those as studies to paint the big ones In the sky you can see a common icon in my art which is the flying spirits - one day I will make a mini website grouping an art series explaining this pattern in my art

It was transformational art - instead of the fine detail I was painting more of the pure essense of what I wanted to happen in my life -

It was during this time that I began to embrace doing things in a had always happened organically in the past, over years things change. But I began to set my self the challenge of creating at least 10 gorgeous things in an art series before I would let myself move on

it would always take many more artworks to get to the ten great ones..and I felt that this pattern began to transform my art at even faster rate


Then when I became interested in the internet - I realised that I had the perfect artworks to create little chapters, episodes and even little downloadable booklets of each series of my art...and a few years ago I went back to uni to learn how to be truly creative in my expession of this on the web - I LOVE IT - and have been creating little mini-sites of my these ones

This is one of my paintings from the best selling art series so far - it shows a childlike white angel flying in the sky above a little home - this simple art transformation of being so simple and iconic is a hallmark of my art career Always as I have painted dreamlike and transformational art - i have also focused on the local beaches and landscapes - you can still see the pervading simplistic style in this aqua blue and light sand beach painting The wildflower paintings are a new art series for me - while I have been learning the complexities of becoming a concrete artist by building cement sculptures and concrete bowls in Beverley W.A. - I have also been struck by the glorious wildflowers that grow in this area - so I had to paint some


But the truth is I have become distracted from the internet...because I AM SCULPTING....We have bought a gorgeous block in Beverley Western Australia that is long and thin on the great southern highway...and I am building giant sculptures all over it....

well...I havent built a huge one yet because we only bought the property a few months ago...but I have been setting up the production areas for my smaller stuff - and just sculpting sculpting and sculpting....

I am making concrete bowls, infused with oxides - and gorgeous plinths to build the organic gardens and aquaponic ponds....

an example of the concrete bowls I have been making - you can see the oxides swirled into the body of the bowls This is a photograph of one of my latest concrete sculptures - a pear - I am calling the art series - stone fruit - This image is an array of the concrete sculpturess mixed together on photoshop - showing my new skills as a concrete artist

You can see what I am going to build can see it in my drawings

So any print that you buy from this website will go into helping to build gorgeous gorgeous gardens - based on an artist and permaculture principles

or you can subscribe - and get sent updates so you can see what happens...I have been getting back into making webpages and soon will launch the new website...(excited)

a coloured pencil drawing of a permaculture society under a dome

A coloured pencil drawing from 1991 - "Permaculture Society Under A Dome"

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