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Mandy has been placing herself and her family onto her art for many years. As part of a thirty year plan for her career - the first ten years was taken up with honing her skills as an artist. It was the day she drew - The Jungle Picture - that mandy finally felt she had drawn an image worthy enough to be made into limited edition prints. During this same period she drew - Noahs Ark - and -Escaping the Sky -

  • a happy portrayal of a lot of animals in a boat including my family

  • a family portrait of me and my family including roger the dog. The original was drawn with coloured pencil on a black leathercraft paper.

  • a painting depicting the safe journey of my family coming over the ocean from new zealand (also featuring our dog lulu)

  • a family day out when we were young. It is one of the people picture series. The original is a coloured pencil drawing on leathercraft paper.

  • this pencil picture is part of one of Mandys early works called 'building bridges' - which is all about going from being barren to being abundant and growth. This is the abundant bridge and contains mandys family and friends. The original drawings of building bridges took seven years to complete

  • The spirits in the sky are watching over everybody while they travel through the journey of life. Occasionally one of them escapes from the sky in order to give the travelers a special helping hand. This was one of Mandys early pencil pictures and contains her family (including Roger the dog)

  • This is a coloured pencil drawing of Mandys family in a boat sailing over the map of the area (Mandy had been working on a huge map artpiece at the time). The spirits in the sky surround them with good wishes and all is well.

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