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When Mandy went back to university as a mature age student she had one goal in mind - to learn how to make websites in order to go online with her art. But what she discovered was a brand new medium to express her unique artistic style, and a renewed enthusiasm for creativity. An example of her animations is this one minute video.


Every month Mandy creates a new website/artpiece in the form of a newsletter where she explores the dynamic possibilities of this new art medium. TO HAVE THIS ART SENT TO YOU CLICK HERE


In the last 6 months Mandy has been living in Beverley - a country town in the wheat belt of Western Australia - learning how to make cement sculptures for the garden and exploring everything she learnt at university. It is a beautiful and relaxing place and is completely different to the popular tourist beach culture where she has spent most of her life. This next painting (which was painted at the Art Cafe Mandy owned in Dunsborough years before) is called -living my dreams- and seems to be a reflection of the life she is living now.


Another new thing that Mandy is doing is giving away her sketches for free for people to colour in. Before venturing into a larger work or series Mandy has always done a series of sketches. She is now placing on her facebook page for other people to colour in if they wish to. Along with early workings of her art there are also a lot of garden design and futuristic designs for aquaponic houses and underground pit garden houses - things she has always drawn but never really shared before.


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