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Moon Woman

three people in a boat sailing over the ocean to a red city. In the purple sky spirits fly, and the moon is the head of a giant woman with her arms protectively encircling the ocean and boat

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About the Prints

a line of different limited edition prints by Mandy faded slightly in the background with the Moon Woman print full coloured and standing out at the front
There are many limited edition prints and each month a different one is showcased and a group of web pages are made themed upon it.

These prints were created to raise money for building sustainabe housing and experimenting with off grid developments. They were created to save the world. Subscribe to Mandysart to find out how.

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About Moon Woman

This limited edition print of Moon Woman three people in a boat sailing over the ocean to a red city. In the purple sky spirits fly, and the moon is the head of a giant woman with her arms protectively encircling the ocean and boat has been chosen as the theme of this months new set of web pages.

With its bright colours and ocean theme - this lyrical image of Moon Woman is art with a personal theme. Find out more on the next page.

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About Saving the World

Throughout the years, as an artist, I have tried to think of many ways to save the world - like this idea of building a giant sculpture up into the stratasphere, bringing down all the free electricity up there - no pollution - no cost.

a giant sculpture reaching up through the stratasphere acting as a conduit for free electricity

But the permaculture society under a dome seemed to be far more achievable than building 10 kilometer high sculptures dotted around the globe- and so became the inspiration for developing the entire series of limited edition prints

a drawing of off grid houses artisticly landscaped around a central large homestead all under a giant dome

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About the Monthly Websites

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Every month (or so) Mandy creates a new set of webpages themed around a different limited edition print. This is the exclusive information you will get sent when you subscribe. Each month contains:

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Here are some examples of art from websites of last year - I have been photoshopping my art onto interior design scenes and if you scroll over the images then more art appears

An interior design scene. A bedroom in light pastel colours with clouds painted on the wall - and one of Mandys original paintings of two people flying in the sky hanging on the wall the same bedroom scene with a different painting of Mandys hanging on the wall. This time it has a light white purple theme with patterns floating all around

This gorgeous pastel bedroom scene can look great with paintings of love and floating people

see romance originals
A coastal themed interior with a blurred picture the busy boat limited edition framed in the backgroundthe same coastal interior with a blurred framed limited edition print of smiths beach

In this interior design I have photoshopped framed examples of smiths beach and the busy boat

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a table top vignette scene including one of mandys beach scenes in a small framed printthe same light coloured display including a small framed print of two lovers flying in the air holding roses

This beach scene print is from a series of dunsborough and the scroll over print is from the love and romance series

see Love and Romance

Would you like your image to be showcased in a webpage like this? Making vignettes (still life scenes around the home) is a trending and really fun thing to do - if you own any of my art and want to spend an afternoon creatively arranging objects around your home into a groovy photo shoot - I would love to see the pictures.

I have a few suggestions/guidelines on composition, lighting,texture ..etc that will help spark your creative juices - Get sent the free download

About Entering This Competition

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Imagine getting such a big present - and with some colourful paper and gorgeous big ribbons -Imagine giving such a great present (I did it last christmas - awesome).

The foam-core that makes the package also ends up being really useful for kids to paint and draw on, or to express big designs on or , something I did the other day, was to make a huge wall calander - nothing is wasted.


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a green castle like building under the ocean with colourful shells an floating seaweed