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Throughout Mandys career she developed two different bodies of work. During the day she would draw and paint landscapes and at night she would work on her stylized lyrical work. Both are unique artistic styles and are equally as popular. The seascapes reflected the incredible beauty of the area of Yallingup and Dunsborough where she grew up. One of the most popular images is - The Yallingup Lookout -

  • mandys favorite beach in the area that she grew up

  • a well known beach in western australia for surfing

  • This limited edition print is a classic example of the unique art produced by Mandy. It is of no particular beach but it could be any of the pristine seascapes in the local area of Margaret River Western Australia

  • This painting depicts a joyous group walking through the jungle to have a picnic. It represents abundance and love - and you can see bunker bay in the background (one of Mandys favorite beaches)

  • a pristine surfing beach near Margaret River near where Mandy lives

  • This beach is a view of Yallingup - a surf beach near Margaret River Western Australia.

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