a limited edition print called the jungle picture

the jungle picture

The limited edition print that Mandy is showcasing this month is 'the jungle picture'. The original is created with colored pencils on a black textured paper, and it is the very first drawing that Mandy put her family in. - If you look really closely you can see her son, herself, Roger the dog and a duck.


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"The Jungle Picture is one of Mandys most beautiful prints and goes really well in our childs bedroom"

Jacky Hawkins

the thirty year plan

As part of a thirty year plan to sell limited edition prints, make 30 million dollars, build a permaculture village under a dome and save the world by example - The jungle picture played a vital role. At this point Mandy had been drawing for ten years - and it was this image (quite possibly the fact that she put herself in there) which was the first one that she thought was good enough to become a limited edition print.

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a closeup of the jungle picture coloured pencil drawing which shows Mandy a closeup of the coloured pencil drawing of the jungle picture that highlights her son

This began a lifelong habit of putting herself, family, pets and friends into her art

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An acrylic painting of Mandy, her friends and her dog in a boat Another of Mandys drawings that has been turned into a limited edition print Coloured pencil drawing of Mandys family in a boat. This image is also available as a limited edition print

Which became affirmations for her future

a painting of Mandy in her bed and the bedcloth is a farm and gardens

which in turn became affirmations for the welfare of not just herself but for everyone

a painting of two people kissing, available as a limited edition The floating emotions of people in love, another print by Mandy A depiction of a relationship -two people standing in a boat An acrylic painting by Mandy depicting the emotions of love and joy

"Your parcel arrived on Friday, thank you so much! Prints by 'Mandy' are a very much loved gift. I've liked your page on Facebook and will recommend it to family and friends."

Frances Carman
a colored pencil picture called the jungle picture one of the tubes used to mail the limited edition prints

This limited edition print of the jungle picture is 50.5 x 63cm ( or approximately 20 x 25 inches). It is printed by a lithographic process onto a monsa satin paper and will be rolled up into a tube to be sent to you

This limited edition print is usually $120 AUD - but from this newsletter it is available for -

$60 AUD

This is no longer valid - if you would like to see the current newsletter, and see what special is available right now go to Mandys Front Page

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Each month Mandy uploads a new artwork - a website that she has created herself. They are the Mandy Evans Newsletters.

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Each site celebrates a specific limited edition print (this one is The Jungle Pucture) and offers it for sale at half price

These websites offer valuable insight into the history and development of Mandys art. As time goes on Mandy will become even more skillful at being able to create new and groundbreaking art online. It is through these newsletter websites that she is learning new skills on the cutting edge of technology every day.

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