bowls and birdbaths

Unique Creations

Every bowl is different, they are made from lime cement mortar - sometimes using natural oxides for an organic pattern

With every stage of the process the bowl reveals its beauty, with hours of sanding to achieve the lustrous patina -

Then the final surprise is revealed with the last sealing layer.

Classic Shapes - Hand Sanded

one of mandys sketches she is giving away free for adults to colour in


Made from crazy hours of grinding and sanding, this bowl is my take of the classic japanese water bowl.

Designed to sit under the slow dripping tap, with a heavy weight so it stays in place when you use the hose

one of Mandys limited edition print called - jungle picture

Patterned Bowls

There are sculptured feature blocks to be used in garden walls, to create plinths for complementary sculptures and to display birdbaths.
Every now and then I create a matching patterned bowl - this Rose Bowl is made to order

original paintings of women on special by mandy evans

Coloured Bowls

By putting coloured oxides through the body of the cement these bowls retain their colour throughout the wear and tear of life
Made in a variety of colours from bright blue to earthy natural oxides. We are experimenting now a with a pure black

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a cement sculpture made by Mandy of twp people immersed into a boat a view of a garden with Mandys sculpted cement blocks formed into a monument a sculpted cement love heart made by Mandy Evans Artist An extended view od a highly cultured garden with a criss cross design - with one of Mandys birdbaths plinths in the center A hand sculpted cement pear by Mandy A formal terraced garden with a cement bird bath in an aquaponoc pond -by Mandyevansartist