An Original Painting of Smiths Beach

The latest Seascapes

Last year I went to South Australia for a holiday - It was to the Fleurieu Peninsula - which is spectacular. I was so inspired by the landscapes and scenery. When I got home I dragged out every half done seascape I could find, and had a painting frenzy.

(This frenzy ended with the wildflower series which was a great experience that I intend to repeat next spring)

Out of the seascapes that I painted came this latest example of the incredible view of Smiths Beach from the top lookout on the road to Yallingup

It is a fine example of my classic style of seascape painting that has served me so well all these years - I am hoping to take a different path with the painting in the future (see below) - which would make this original quite precious


About Painting

I would have started this painting many years ago - probably around the time I had a gallery in the center of town at Dunsborough. It was during this time that I got an 'artists block' ( meaning I got so sick of painting and painting I couldnt stand doing it any more - its a side affect of success). So it got put into the storage unit (half done) while I went to uni and discovered all this new exciting stuff

There are a few of these new seascapes that are sitting in my studio - but to be completely honest I am still not happy with them. This Smiths Beach one is the best out of them all - but even this painting is not really safe from whatever comes next.

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I think this painting of Smiths Beach represents ,to me, something of 'the old'. And I am definately not over my 'artistic block' with painting yet. I can tell because of how much I am enjoying creating cement sculptures and digital art - it makes me feel fantastic - and when I start getting ready to paint something - I just dont want to

So in order to conquer this 'meh' feeling I have bought a course in oil painting and glazing from one of my favorite seascape artists and I am preparing to go over the whole lot with oil paints and a brand new way of thinking - ( then I am going to use the new knowledge to create a new series of wildflower paintings, which is super exciting because it includes camping)


The Painting

This is a medium sized canvas, being 75cm x 50cm x 3.5cm But it is on a strong weave and I made the stretcher bar myself.

This is an original acrylic painting by Mandy - on 10-12 ounce canvas

The canvas is 'gallery wrapped' - meaning the corners are tucked and folded in

The painting continues on around the edges on a chunky 3.5 - 4 cm width.

This means you can hang it straight on the wall without a frame but BEWARE..(see the next picture)


Being a super sloppy artist - it didnt bother me when I painted it ..but it may bother you

You can see the heavy weave of the canvas - its a strong 10 - 12 ounce, triple primed


Care of Art

As with all works of art, common sense must be used to protect the color from fading. This information is just as relevant with painting as it is with pencil - although acrylic paints are way more resilient than coloured pencils.

So as with all art it is best to keep out of direct sunlight. You can wash a painting down gently with warm water.

Original Painting of Smiths Beach

This acrylic painting by Mandy is on a heavy canvas, gallery wrapped onto strong heavy stretcher bar and comes ready to hang

75cm x 50cm x 3.5cm

As I intend to change my methods and medium in my painting approach - starting with painting over this last collection of seascape canvases. Then paintings of this size will be $1500 aud. So it is only availble for a short time , and considering it has staple marks on the left hand side - I will put it up for sale at half price ...


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