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What You Get If You Subscribe

  • A Series

    EACH MONTH - You will be sent a new website containing a different series of my art. The images will be available to share on social media with your friends (or buy as a print). Check out this series of Beach Seascapes in Newsletter 4

  • A Limited Edition

    EACH MONTH - The new site is themed around one of the 43 different limited edition prints. Sometimes there is a competition to win one for free, sometimes a discount - and always a detailed description of its personal meaning and history. Check out the story behind the Busy Boat in Newsletter 5

  • Original Art

    EACH MONTH - the new website contains some different kind of original work, either recently created paintings or sculptures, or from a reseller looking to make some money on the increasing value of Mandys work. Check out these little love heart paintings done for newsletter 3

    • A Message from Mandy

      By subscribing to my Newsletters you get to join me on a journey of discovery. As an artist I have spent my entire life working on creating. I spend extraordinary amounts of time on projects and mediums until I feel the learning curve is over and move on. But I have never felt more excited by a new pathway than this. It feels like all of my skills are being utilized - with the colour, balance, harmony, creativity, the complication, strategy and the maths (I LOVE THIS STUFF - its like a giant video game, only you get something useful at the end)

      Another part of this project that excites me is that I am a long term thinker, (I am actually at the end of a thirty year plan right now), and I am prepared to put in the hard work (make a series of websites to learn the skills) because I can see the possibilities of what kind of art that can be created by these new languages (html,javascript,css,php,ajax etc..). It is art that doesnt exist yet, it moves and people take part in it, and it is beautiful.

      At this point these websites are fairly mundane and look and feel like any other (although I would hope you think they are good). But this is because the learning curve of achieving real art in website making is HUGE. Every time I think I have a handle on which direction to go I discover there is another language I have to learn ( I mean that...I really do love this stuff). But every month I learn something new which gets me closer to my goal.

      I hope you join me in this journey, and when you get sent the link to my new website newsletter in your email - go and take a look, not with the attitude of shopping on yet another site with stuff for sale (although that does pay my bills) - but with an attitude of looking at the site itself - and how slowley over time they are becoming more sophisticated - until one day you click that button....and really experience some art

      this is my goal
      Kind regards


Mandys is creating unique art all the time - and to see regular updates of her latest work you can like her facebook page


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a cement sculpture made by Mandy of twp people immersed into a boat one of Mandys gorgeous cement bowls in a dramatic dark setting with the words - design your future a sculpted cement love heart made by Mandy Evans Artist One of Mandys mandala drawings split in half and inversed with the words - everything is one and the same Two gorgeous small cement bowls on hand carved cement plints with a groovy patterned design on paper pinned behind them - all made by Mandy A hand sculpted cement pear by Mandy with the words - less is more