Under the Ocean Art

Lyrical Art from Under the Ocean

This art series introduces a different style of my work. During the day I would go down the beach and paint the scenery - but at night I would draw the images from my mind.

In this collection of drawings and paintings The theme is inspired by the "Moon Woman" limited edition print with its underwater aquatic motif


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Under The Ocean

This particular artwork below was originally drawn as a triptych (3 drawings placed side by side to create one piece) - but now I can use photoshop I have learnt to morph it all together into one thing. Back in the olden days (pre - internet skills) I used to cut the prints up and collage them together.. - any hoo - this is one of my personal favorites so I put it on the front page. Here are links to number 1 - buildings, number 2 - boat , and number 3 - mermaid

The Aquatic Fantasy World

Even though I lived near the ocean I had no real concept of the underwater world - so I made my own - I drew the series of the under the ocean pictures and then I think the Sunken Swan , after that I became inspired to start really looking into actual real live fish and was blown away. I have made an entire newsletter/miniwebsite all about my paintings and drawings of real fish last year


There is even a pastel picture amongst the collection - something I never really do ( I had a good bash at pastels and love the colours but found them too problematic to frame because of the dust)

But this one was a huge chalkboard - meters wide and high - that I used to constantly work on and change in exchange for free food at the 'Seaspray Cafe' when I was a young starving artist in Dunsborough (forever grateful) - click here to see the whole picture - (its a scene of the quindalup inlet at elmore road)

Check out this limited edition print