a coloured pencil drawing of houses on the hill in Yallingup Western Australia

Yallingup Drawings

The Historical Drawings of Yallingup from the Early 90's

This series of coloured pencil drawings is from the 1990's when I lived in Yallingup - to see any of the images in full , click on one of the thumbnails

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Coloured Pencil Drawings of Yallingup

Yallingup is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Western Australia, and I have drawn and painted this tiny spot for decades - always with the final work of art being completely different to the others

As a young artist I focused entirely on drawing with coloured pencils - (the early paintings being next months newsletter) and these special images not only capture a snapshot of a historical moment in time, but represent the earlier stages of my career as an artist.

Houses on the Hill

The houses on the hill drawings came about because i would sit on my back steps as the sun went down. Protected from the weather, the glow of sunset would make the patterns and the colour of the houses look remarkable. Everyone comes to Yallingup to look at the wild horizon - but there is a collective beauty of the architecture if you look the other way.


This unique species of Melalueca trees are iconic to Yallingup - where they grow in a windswept shape - created by the strong weather on the exposed landscape.

These beautiful trees only grow at Yallingup, Bunker Bay and Rotnest Island - all of which have become Western Australia most popular tourist destinations

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