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Welcome to Mandys Art

Hi - thanks for looking me up online - I am a lifelong artist from Western Australia, and have been successful now for over 30 years -

I think it is because I keep pushing the boundaries and changing .... it keeps me passionate and obsessivly working.

There is a huge body of work on this website to look I code it all myself, and have found making groovy webpages to be another of my favorite creative past-times

So this website is a bit flawed, not connected in a lot of places - sometimes the text wont fit and things dont align properley on different machines

but thats because it is real work by a real artist ... and who has time to fix the little things ... especially now when I am super into carving cement.

I consider the most important images in the website to be the limited edition prints

These prints are the very best of my work from many years selling smaller mounted prints through my solo galleries

They are well loved images...and there are 42

As I slowley go through the process of making a dedicated web presence for each one ...
I have the previous print available for half price
This keeps me on my toes ... sometimes .. when I am on a roll this can take a couple of weeks ...

but if I am really into something else a few years ago I have opened a new art studio called "the art garden" where I have been developing art workshops and art workshop books ...then developing the next limited edition print page can take many months

The answer is to subscribe to my newsletter - and then you will get email notifications when the next print goes online half price

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My art is varied and eclectic - yet I hope that it always has a strong personal style, distinctive composition and a level of skilled gained from many years hard work

My original paintings,sculptures and prints grace many thousands of homes by now - and I would like to think my adherence to positive images and icons have brightened a few lives

I am always drawing visions of utopia for the future ... and now I am building my visions in 3d -

My latest venture is a new studio gallery called The Art Garden"

which I am using to develop my new sculptures

and build a giant garden

I live in a remote town in the Wheatbelt and send the modular garden system and prints to other peoples galleries

its very peaceful and gives me the opportunity to really explore new and varied ways to create great art -

The gardens are full of my latest experiments

This website is constantly expanding as I regularly make new webpages showing different series of my work - and send them out to newsletter subscribers - They are full of discounts , freebies and animations.

I have tried to break the up into basic categories to make it easier....

but the best way to get to know my work

is just subscribe