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Have you ever got everything ready to pattern one of your modern media art works and just not known where to start

well here is your answer

a closeup image of one of Mandys latest abstract paintings

welcome to Mandys Markmaking Manual Journey -

Markmaking your art is one of the most pleasurable activities around - but do you ever go blank when you think of where to start

The answer is in researching - but by scouring social media we can get too influenced by popular artists -

In the coming months I will slowley populate this resource with video blogs that will help us all that:

You dont have to feel like you have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to creating beautiful patterns to create your art

you dont have to feel guilty - or assume you are copying someone else when you create designs that have been around for thousands of years

you can explore the past 10,000 years of markmaking history in what feels like the blink of an eye

create art that is unique to you with your personal choices from a myriad of inspiration

no-one else makes your choices

and the way to create unique choices - is to explore more -

This project is a Deep Dive into the traditional markmaking and icons from different cultures throughout the ages

blue and purple circles covered in modern abstract patterning abstract botanical watercolour leaves in magenta and sea green magenta and purpled watercolor wash lined decorated with markmaking a nuetral coloured painting of balancing rocks patterned with simple shapes and patterns abstract botanical nuts and leaves in sage green with red highlights

These clickable buttons above are an example of the markmaking in cultures that we will be exploring in the future

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