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Art Series

Most of Mandys 2 dimensional art series are available as exclusive small mounted prints assembled to order
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There is always a new art series being created, and you can get sent updates by subscribing

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About Navigating The Art Series

There is a theme for every room and style in the diverse range of my art

Finding the right image for your home, or as a gift, can come down to simple colour or by the special meaning of the art

EASY ...

The art is organised into the series or exhibitions I created over the years .... EASY...

HARD ...

but then I spent years making bizzarre little microsites of each set in order to teach myself website making skills .... HARD...


So now - every time you click on a different series you are taken out into an odd microsite ... where finding the button to buy the small print is .... ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE ... so good luck with that

.... I continue to put the microsites and new webpages in chronological order as make them .. so its also like a visual record of my website making


The Art Series

an iconic image of Mandys painting where there are two faceless styalised people flying and holding huge love hearts another of Mandy Evans Artists seascapes which shows the crystal blue waters and the headland of Dunsborough Western Australia a graphic coloured pencil drawing by Mandy of a school of salmon fish one of Mandys paintings called -three women in a boat- which was a singing group that mandy was in with two friends a coloured pencil drawing of a mermaid swimming under the ocean a styalised romantic painting of two people in a boat holding roses a coloured pencil drawing by Mandy Evans of a striking Western Australian wildflower - the  rose cone flower a jumbled collection of Mandys icons used throughout her art that have been put together on photoshop a closup of one of Mandys coloured pencil drawings of the melalueca trees in Yallingup W.A. a painting by mandy showing the azure blue ocean and deep green hills of Yallingup wa beautiful storytale buildings drawn in colored pencils on a leathercraft paper by Mandy Evans an example of one of Mandys new abstract painting style some of Mandys mandala patterned glacial stones some of Mandys mandala patterned hand carved hearts coloured pencil drawing of historical architecture a picture of hands with paint all over them one of Mandys concrete sculptures of a bird on a plinth

Love Heart Art

This series is special to me - it was a culmination of years of work - paring down into purity of composition, colour and meaning ... it was also my best selling series and has made me quite a lot of money

it was one of my earliest microsites and also one of the first I have attempted to amalgamate with my main website

infortunately - i havent finished ... so actually buying a print will still be super hard for most people

but I am only an email away