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$65 aud

Step by Step Art Workbook by Mandy

"Big Watercolour" - a Guide to Large Scale Abstract Watercolour Painting - with free paint

Big Watercolour Instructional Workbook by Mandy

This is Mandys third art workshop booklet to play with at home

You can see the first book in the series here

You can see the second book in the series here

This workbook takes you further along in the abstract watercolour and markmaking journey - encouraging you to expand and grow

purple and green watercolour stripes blue and purple circles covered in modern abstract patterning abstract botanical watercolour leaves in magenta and sea green magenta and purpled watercolor wash lined decorated with markmaking a nuetral coloured painting of balancing rocks patterned with simple shapes and patterns abstract botanical nuts and leaves in sage green with red highlights

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$30 aud

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...groovy BOOKLET

sent with free mailing globally - but please check the mail restrictions in your country - some dont let the paint through from australia

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If you buy the book you get free access to the facebook group and all the workshop videos

but if you just want the videos , find out more about the private facebook group here

buy access to the group = $30au

showing how to create gorgeous abstract markmaking artworks with loose watercolour techniques



This is pure hand made artisanal paint with a heavy pigment load.

The paintcard contains a variety of colours with more than enough to paint all the exercises in the book and many more works of art

and it is especially made to match together to create pleasing harmonious colour stories

I have been making paint for years, and recently I have worked out how to package it up so it looks awesome and is easy to send

The paintcards are available seperately for $25 a card at the gallery right now

The paintcard you recieve will be chosen randomly - so probably not the set shown on screen

blue and green watercolour stripes patterned with mark making


This workshop booklet is for anyone who wants to learn about markmaking,big watercolour and a modern approach to abstract art can introduce a new technique into an already skilled creatives armoury

- or it can be for the relaxed Sunday afternoon creative exploration

Its a lot of fun and because the process has been broken down into simple steps it makes it easy arty play

blue and green watercolour stripes patterned with mark making

The Booklet

is designed for people who might not have all the right supplies and it neatly contains the exercises in one place

It is an excellent 'on holiday' experience, being light and easy to pack, and makes a fabulous gift

- and you also get some free paint

booklet price .. including group
$65 aud

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Find out more about the Private Facebook Group

buy access - $30 aud

This workshop book is all about an easy technique that helps you to free yourself up and learn to make some marks -

I have spent many years working with this process and would love to share it all here with you in a series of simple steps



Its really new

At the time of writing the group is slowly taking shape

I have worked through about half of the program and am going to be creating lives and videos for a few more months to come until it is fully fleshed out and stand alone

at the moment I am very hands on and am working on the group all the time

you will get

* All of the videos I am making leading to and including the final professional versions of the workshop exercises

* Somewhere to ask questions and get help

* Somewhere to share your work

* and basically anything you request to help you on your way to learn these wonderful painting techniques

Check out more about the Private Facebook Group

buy access - $30 aud

A picture of Mandys step by step instructional workbook in blue and green watercolour stripes patterned with mark making


* A project book that naturally breaks up each layer into easily achievable stages

* A series of videos walking you through each step

* An A4 notebook to paint on the cover

* All the paint you need to complete the project book and more

* Free Access to the private facebook group

* a technique that will help a beginner create a complete painting

* a wonderful addition to the skills of the accomplished artist

*A lot of simple and great fun

booklet price
$65 aud

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Other Workshops

an icon of the abstract patterns workbook an icon of the 3 bowls art instructional booklet an icon of the big watercolour art workshop book an icon of the abstract painting step by step workbook a collection of 3 abstract watercolour art workshop book icons in a bundle an icon of the new swatch painting step by step art workshop book

Before I went completely abstract - I first became absorbed in mark making

It helped me to loosen up and realise how pleasurable art was without the boundaries of expectation

Every mark is a surprise - and there is no pressure because it can even become a background that you paint over - it is a wonderful feeling

As a controlled artist for over 30 years I felt a rush of the wonder I had experienced as a young artist just learning everything, it was so exciting

Since then I have been breaking more and more boundaries and have immersed myself into abstract art - I LOVE IT - and you can do it too