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Modern Mandalas
Mandys Markmaking Manual
Real Real Colour Wheel
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with free mailing all over the world

a picture of the two art workshop books and the real real colour wheel


the front cover of the Modern Mandala step by step instructional worksbook

An easy to follow step by step instructional art workshop book about creating simple, harmonious, wabi sabi mandalas - playing with pattern and having a great time

through the book we are looking at basic elements and principles of design

also including the symmetry of patterning into butterflys, bees and moths, and reducing shapes in nature to easy markmaking

and discussing the history a little bit - but more about the here and now aspect of drawing mandalas and how it relaxes your body and mind

notebooks covered in mandala pattterned art a brown and gold bee patterned with abstract mandala drawing a gorgeous blue background with a mandala pattern a simple watercolour butterfly in brown and maroon a magenta coloured background with a mandala pattern a closeup of the mandala patterned notebook on kraft paper

blue and green watercolour stripes patterned with mark making


the front cover of Mandys Markmaking Manual worksbook

As I was creating the Modern Mandalas workbook - I developed this one as well

This is more about exploring basic markmaking shapes from all over the world

I am always hearing from people that they are struggling with what marks to use

- and in this booklet - we look at all the varieties and shapes from different cultures

and then it becomes a storage place for all your favourite marks that you can use as a resource

As I mentioned, I was writing a 'Mandala' workshop book - and this one has been born because IT IS REALLY INTERESTING

and in the workshop lives with a different country each week, we explore indigenous patterns and marks from around the world



the front cover of Mandys Markmaking Manual worksbook

This is an A4 6 dot instructional paint card with real artisinal watercolour paint made by me

Not only is it a fabulous learning tool, its made with the highest quality paint that you can use

SO......Isaac Newton was WRONG - and we have spent our lives learning all this disinformation about the colour wheel

This colour wheel is the next level of information that we have learnt by the development of new technology

We will discuss what this means to our whole "complementary,split complimentary...ect" system - and its a great tool to solidify the globally recognised names of colours

colour is so incredibly wonderful and complicated, and I have developed this paint card learning tool as the next level of understanding in my own colour journey

we have been using it in the live workshops - its got great feedback - it is a real winner

and even if your not interested in the intellectual side of colour - its an awesome amount of gorgeous, bright watercolour paint to use

a collection of paint bowls and coloured swatches three beautiful painted hearts in boxes 3 small painted rocks displayed on a wooden platter stone hearts being painted and patterned with acrylic paint a group of blank stone hearts with one blue patterned heart a collection of beautiful patterned mandala rocks


a mockup of the facebook group course page

Every Tuesday for 12 weeks I have spent the day livestreaming into the group, and going through the workshop book exercises with everyone

also each week of the livestreams into the group we have explored a different country

Eventually all of my courses are destined to become digital download online courses with professional edited videos - and in the long term you will get those too

At the moment the course consists of a large body of information rich live streams recorded into the facebook group -

And each chapter is being edited down into a shortened version

Once this is completed - Modern Mandalas will become a digital course - and the long slow paint with me livestreams will be housed in the Art Garden

So now is the time to join the course and get access to the hours and hours of filming


with free mailing all over the world - to get sent your bundle in 6 weeks time

Other Workshops

an icon of the abstract patterns workbook an icon of the 3 bowls art instructional booklet an icon of the big watercolour art workshop book an icon of the abstract painting step by step workbook a collection of 3 abstract watercolour art workshop book icons in a bundle an icon of the new swatch painting step by step art workshop book

Before I went completely abstract - I first became absorbed in markmaking

It helped me to loosen up and realise how pleasurable art was without the boundaries of expectation

Every mark is a surprise - and there is no pressure because its a background that you paint over - it is a wonderful feeling

As a controlled artist for over 30 years I felt a rush of the wonder I had experienced as a young artist just learning everything, it was so exciting

Since then I have been breaking more and more boundaries and have immersed myself into abstract art - I LOVE IT