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Colour my Stone HeART with Butterflys

If you have enjoyed my Abstract Patterns Workshop
Then you will LOVE this workshop

Colour my Stone HeART with Butterflys

@ The Art Garden in Beverley W.A.

Check the workshop calendar for dates

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These workshops are being held at Mandy's sculpture gallery called 'The Art Garden' - watch the video to find out more about it

to see more about the art garden click here
to see more about Beverley click here

images of the Art Garden Gallery in Beverley W.A.

Spend a day playing with my new hand made watercolour paint bowls doing some simple fun exercises

- then spend the next day using what we have learnt to draw and paint on rocks and hearts

notebooks covered in mandala pattterned art a group of patterned rocks a mauve butterfly patterned with abstract mandalas two painted hearts with abstract mandala patterning a greeny brown mandala pattern a group of painted hearts in gorgeous colours

4-5 hours daily step by step training with Mandy
check the workshop calendar

all materials supplied for the day

Price for weekend
$240 aud

blue and green watercolour stripes patterned with mark making


On Saturday we play with my Real Colour Wheel and handmade watercolour paints to learn the basics of a wabi sabi style mandala patterning

Its about mixing colour and pattern in an easy repetition that feels great and is easy to do

and I will show you a very simple technique to create butterflys and bees, and look at simplifying the wildflowers and plants they frequent, into a pattern

at the end of the day you go home with 3 gorgeous useful books

as well as the knowledge of some pretty amazing and fun watercolour techniques


This is a wonderful new way to take your art home with you at the end of the day

The notebook covers are the same 225gsm paper we have been using - so you can still frame your art if you want

or you can use your notebooks as a personal and special place to keep your precious notes in, or even give away as a present

notebooks covered in mandala pattterned art a brown and gold bee patterned with abstract mandala drawing a gorgeous blue background with a mandala pattern a simple watercolour butterfly in brown and maroon a magenta coloured background with a mandala pattern a closeup of the mandala patterned notebook on kraft paper

Throughout the day we will work though a series of 3 unique exercises guarenteed to create satisfying and beautiful work to take home on our notebook covers

and you can also explore simple free abstract painting if you choose -

a colourful group of patterned rocks


We start the day looking at my new Real Real Colour Wheel and then move on to start using some acrylic paint to base coat the stones and heart if you choose

I have a few templates we can go through - and there will be all of my patterned rocks and hearts around you to use as inspiration

We draw on rocks, starting small,going big and I will give you a heart blank that I have made to paint and pattern

some rocks in the process of being patterned with mandalas three beautiful painted hearts in boxes 3 small painted rocks displayed on a wooden platter stone hearts being painted and patterned with acrylic paint a group of blank stone hearts with one blue patterned heart a collection of beautiful patterned mandala rocks


This workshop series is for anyone who enjoys spending a day playing with colour, and artists looking for new techniques to explore

I think it would be fine for a beginner, because the exercises are simple once you get a bit of instruction, and very satisfying

Its a wonderful relaxing weekend away spent with like minded ladies, focusing on art and colour

This workshop is also for people who want to play with heaps of different art supplies

a vibrant orange background for a mandala pattern three painted hearts in boxes all in a row a closeup of black and gray painted rocks a collection of paint bowls and coloured swatches a gorgeous selection of painted rocks in a bowl examples of some of Mandys home made watercolour paint


You dont have to bring anything - just turn up

a group of womens hands all holding painted stones and hearts

The Art Garden in Beverley is ready to go for anything - this place is built to paint with free abandon

If you are like me - then the only thing you have to do is wear clothes that you dont mind getting paint on

I will supply 3 blanks hand assembed notebooks, a4 size on different coloured paper , that you can play with

We will tape the booklets onto boards I have made

There is space - paints - art - supplies, all the equiptment you will need

and you will get a new Swatch Painting workshop booklet to take home with you

and you also get a cup of tea and a glass of wine if you wish

so... you get

workshop weekend price is $240


The Booklet

Because these two workshops are so new - I havent finished thier workshop books

I am hoping to use these live workshops to help me form better books, and find out what things I need to add that I havent thought of

so .... i thought i would give you my latest book instead, only released in the last few weeks, - at this moment I am running a promotion online where the videos and emails are currently free to join

follow the link up the very top of this page to find out more

So if you come to the weekend I will give you a Swatch Painting Workbook for free

is designed for people who might not have all the right supplies and it neatly contains the exercises in one place

It is an excellent "on holiday' experience, being light and easy to pack, and makes a fabulous gift

find out more about the book
a group of women enjoying an art workshop at the art garden gallery three patterned garden beds outside at the art garden gallery in Beverley the interior of the art garden gallery set up for a workshop a papercrete arch entrance from the Art Garden Gallery in Beverley Western Australia women at a painting workshop inside the Art Garden gorgeous patterns in the Art Garden Gallery landscaping



to see more about the art garden click here

Beverley is a town in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia, 133 kilometres south-east of the state capital, Perth, between York and Brookton on the Great Southern Highway.

I have lived here for about 7 years now, and I love it

It has just had ove 6 million dollars spent on its main street, no traffic, and its very relaxed and laid back -

It's a small population but there are a few galleries in the main street now, with more being built

I think it's because its a great place to make art

click here to check out places to stay in Beverley

You can drive from Beverley to Perth - depending on where you live - in about 90 minutes from Midland on average - and there are plenty of great places to stay overnight

images of Mandys coloured pencil drawings of buildings in Beverley western australia


a Saturday & Sunday April & May 2023
start painting at 10am

check the workshop calendar for dates



We start the day going through the Real Colour Wheel with some simple colour theory and loosening up exercises

then we play with the huge amount of hand made watercolour paint I have created in small bowls

Its awesome fun looking at paint and seeing which colours look beautiful together

Then we paint on the covers of my hand assembled toned blank notebooks,in the gorgeous colour choices we have made, with the 3 different approaches

after that - we use some easy templates and talk about patterns, balance and ease .... and take time out for lunch

In the afternoon we spend our time patterning and drawing with all the multimedia making gorgeous shapes

at the end of the day you go home with 3 gorgeous useful books

as well as the knowledge of some pretty amazing and fun watercolour techniques


Today we begin with the REAL REAL colour wheel- its my latest development in modern colour theory - and I cant wait to show it to you, and give you one to take home

its best to paint any rocks we choose to, and our heart blanks, early so they have time to dry before patterning

By now we are mandala proffessionals - drawing the patterns from yesterday will be heaps easier

I still have a few templates to use - and we will start on a small rock to warm up

You can also paint any design or pattern you choose on your medium and then larger rock - and you are surrounded by my art examples if you need inspiration

These workshops are about simple layers and playing with colour, story, shape, and composition

I spent many years working out the process and would love to share it all here with you in a series of simple steps


workshop weekend price is $240


Other Workshops

Before I went completely abstract - I first became absorbed in markmaking

It helped me to loosen up and realise how pleasurable art was without the boundaries of expectation

Every mark is a surprise - and there is no pressure because its a background that you paint over - it is a wonderful feeling

As a controlled artist for over 30 years I felt a rush of the wonder I had experienced as a young artist just learning everything, it was so exciting

Since then I have been breaking more and more boundaries and have immersed myself into abstract art - I LOVE IT