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If you have enjoyed my Abstract Patterns Workshop
Then you will LOVE this new workshop


@ The Art Garden in Beverley W.A.

SUNDAY October 24th SOLD OUT

This on a SUNDAY and on Saturday we are having a different Watercolour workshop ... spaces still available there

check out the different workshop here

This workshop is being held at Mandy's sculpture gallery called 'The Art Garden'

to see more about the art garden click here
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images of the Art Garden Gallery in Beverley W.A.

Spend a day playing with hand made watercolour paint doing some simple fun exercises

a botanical abstract watercolour notebook cover painted by Mandy a closeup of notebooks painted in abstract watercolour blue and green watercolour circles bleeding into each other, with a touch of gold patterned painted rocks in markmaking and watercolour blue and green watercolour stripes patterned with mark making examples of some of Mandys home made watercolour paint

4-5 hours step by step instructional training with Mandy

all materials supplied for the day


This time we paint on the covers of my hand assembled blank notebooks - and you go home with 6 gorgeous useful books

as well as the knowledge of some pretty amazing watercolour techniques


This is a wonderful new way to take your art home with you at the end of the day

The notebook covers are the same 225gsm paper we have been using - so you can still frame your art if you want

or you can use your notebooks as a personal and special place to keep your precious notes in, or even give away as a present

Throughout the day we will work though a series of 3 unique exercises guarenteed to create satisfying and beautiful work to take home on our notebook covers

and you can also explore simple free abstract painting if you choose -

There are 3 small booklets and 3 large ones, so you can practice on the small and be more confident when you go larger

Exercise 1 - Loose Lines

We start the day mixing paint and choosing our favorite colours to paint loose lines playing with wet on wet techniques and a simple blending putting it aside to dry and pattern in the afternoon

purple and green watercolour stripes lime and aqua green watercolor stripes with patterns brown orange and gols watercolour washed patterned lines magenta and purpled watercolor wash lined decorated with markmaking mark making over blue and gray painted lines marks and patterns over blue and brown watercolour washes

blue and green watercolour stripes patterned with mark making

Exercise 2 - Circles and Stones

This exercise is about watching the wet colour bleed into each other to create natural organic marks - in the afternoon we use these marks to inspire the decoration

I will also set up some simple balancing stone structures as inspiration for shapes - like the worlds easiest still life

a nuetral coloured painting of balancing rocks patterned with simple shapes and patterns blue and purple circles covered in modern abstract patterning marks and patterns over magenta and blue watercolour circles simple patterns and decorative marks over blue and purple watercolour circles watercolor rocks in greens patterned with mark making watercolour patterned circles in browns and purples

blue and green watercolour circles bleeding into each other, with a touch of gold

Exercise 3 - Botanical Echoes

This is using a mop brush and working wet into the watercolour.

Starting with some simple botanical inspiration from leaves and natural shapes from around the Art Garden - I will show you how to finish with an abstract impression of the shapes

loose botanical watercolour shapes in oranges and greens abstract botanical watercolour leaves in magenta and sea green abstract gum leaves in loose watercolour wash abstract botanical nuts and leaves in sage green with red highlights watercolour abstract botanical of australian native flowers and leaves simple botanical blue and magenta shapes in wet on wet watercolour

a botanical abstract watercolour notebook cover painted by Mandy


This workshop series is for anyone who enjoys spending a day playing with colour, and artists looking for new techniques to explore

The first watercolour workshop I created was Abstract Watercolour Patterns and this new one is like that, on steriods - so if you enjoyed the Watercolour Patterns then you will love this

I think it would be fine for a beginner, because the exercises are simple once you get a bit of instruction, and very satisfying

and if you are a bit more experienced - then you can go beyond the exercises and explore a free abstract approach as we go through the elements of abstract painting

This workshop is also for people who want to play with heaps of different art supplies and mega amounts of waterCOLOUR

a series of abstract watercolour notebooks in pink and blues a closeup of notebooks painted in abstract watercolour blue and green watercolour circles bleeding into each other, with a touch of gold patterned painted rocks in markmaking and watercolour a collection of watercolour notebooks painted with a botanical technique examples of some of Mandys home made watercolour paint


You dont have to bring anything - just turn up

the inside of Mandys studio with paint all over the floor

The Art Garden in Beverley is ready to go for anything - this place is built to paint with free abandon

If you are like me - then the only thing you have to do is wear clothes that you dont mind getting paint on

I will supply 6 blanks hand assembed notebooks, 3 a4 and 3 a5, that you can play with

We will tape the booklets onto boards I have made

There is space - paints - art - supplies, all the equiptment you will need

and I have developed a new 'Watercolouring In' book that you will be getting as a gift

and you also get a cup of tea and a glass of wine if you wish

so... you get

workshop price is $120




to see more about the art garden click here

Beverley is a town in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia, 133 kilometres south-east of the state capital, Perth, between York and Brookton on the Great Southern Highway.

I have lived here for about 6 years now, and I love it

There are big wide streets, no traffic, and its very relaxed and laid back -

It's a small population but there are a few galleries in the main street now, with more being built

I think it's because its a great place to make art

click here to check out places to stay in Beverley

You can drive from Beverley to Perth - depending on where you live - its about 90 minutes on average - but there are plenty of great places to stay overnight too

images of Mandys coloured pencil drawings of buildings in Beverley western australia




This workshop is about simple layers and playing with colour, shape, composition

I spent many months working out the process and would love to share it all here with you in a series of simple steps


* Each step breaks up into easily achievable stages

* It is simple and great fun - the first exercise is choosing your favorite colours and laying them down onto the wooden canvases

* Because of the drying - we have 3 canvases to play with, and we explore different techniques on each

* Then we really let go on the wooden canvas creating a cacaphony of colour and shapes - discussing line, shape, colour,contrast ... the list goes on

* Then we have a break to eat , where you can walk up to the local cafe, bakery or eat your own lunch in the garden

* Once we are back its time to lighten up the canvas - make some choices and paint over areas - we discuss the layering and explore shape and colour

* At all times we are discussing the search for harmony and balance - and explore basic principles of painting - which can become more obvious when your playing around with abstract painting

* About now you are ready for a wine, coffee or tea, just to help give you a burst of energy to finish off your awesome work

* By the end of the day you will have learnt heaps about markmaking, layering and intuitive painting- which is a wonderful addition to the skills of even an accomplished artist

* and because each element is broken down this technique will help a beginner create a complete painting

workshop price is $120


Other Workshops

Before I went completely abstract - I first became absorbed in markmaking

It helped me to loosen up and realise how pleasurable art was without the boundaries of expectation

Every mark is a surprise - and there is no pressure because its a background that you paint over - it is a wonderful feeling

As a controlled artist for over 30 years I felt a rush of the wonder I had experienced as a young artist just learning everything, it was so exciting

Since then I have been breaking more and more boundaries and have immersed myself into abstract art - I LOVE IT


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a cement sculpture made by Mandy of twp people immersed into a boat one of Mandys gorgeous cement bowls in a dramatic dark setting with the words - design your future a sculpted cement love heart made by Mandy Evans Artist One of Mandys mandala drawings split in half and inversed with the words - everything is one and the same Two gorgeous small cement bowls on hand carved cement plints with a groovy patterned design on paper pinned behind them - all made by Mandy A hand sculpted cement pear by Mandy with the words - less is more