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Stamp Painting Workshop

@ The Art Garden in Beverley W.A.

This workshop is on a Saturday, and Abstract Painting is on a Sunday as part of an 'Abstract Acrylic Weekend'
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This is an art workshop at Mandy's sculpture gallery in Beverley W.A. called 'The Art Garden'

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images of the Art Garden Gallery in Beverley W.A.

showing how to explore colour and chaos with acrylic paint...then layering over the top using iconic simple botanical shapes

a stamp painting in burnt orange and red with a bird in a tree motif an acrylic stamp paintingin blue hues with icons of atree with twp people in a boat an example of the stamp painting technique with icons of fish in aqua blue tonings a stamp painting in mauve and deep purples using the negative space to show a styalised woman a stamp painting in lime and deep green using the negative space to show a stylised man a stamp painting in burnt orange and red with a bird in a tree motif

4-5 hours step by step instructional training with Mandy
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all materials supplied for the day

Price for weekend - including Abstract Painting
$270 aud


Do simple, fun and easy step-by-step creative exercises that lead to a finished work of art to hang on your walls

images of women at one of Mandys art workshops painting with acrylics and home made stamps


This workshop series is for artists, and art enthusiasts in general

This acrylic painting technique is all about exploring colour combinations and creating a loose chaotic under layer that you then cover over

its a fabulous and liberating experience, there is no pressure for things having to be 'right' - its a great learning experience for an artist that hasnt explored abstract painting before

Then we play with creating stamps and layering - which is very hands on, and useful techniques

Because each step is broken down into simple exercises it is achievable for absolute beginners to create a work of art

it lends itself to open any level of artist's mind to pure abstract painting....which is super fun and totally addictive

an early stamp painting of Mandys on a table vignette with a white cement bowl an example of a fish stamp in dark grey on brown paper a group of stamps that have been used to create art A women holding a bird - an early stamp painting of Mandys on a table vignette with a red matching cement bowl a group of stamps on a brown table a closeup of the gray fish stamped onto brown paper


You dont have to bring anything - just turn up

We will work through the exercises from Stamp Painting Workshop Booklet but I will supply seperate sheets to do the exercises on

Then you get a a nice clean book to take home with you.

You could either use the workbook yourself later or give to someone for a present

We will paint on a couple wooden canvas that we have made - and you take home the finished paintings,

I will have seperate templates you can use so you dont have to chop your book up

and you also get a cup of tea and a glass of wine if you wish

so... you get

an example of a stamp painting template of a tree icon the tree icon template used in white over a dark brown stamp painting a photo of a group of stamp painting workbooks lying on a table a stamp painting with a mandala template layered over the top an example of a  mandala template in the stamp painting workbook a white tree icon painted over the top of a cacaphony of stamped colours shapes in darker hues

The Booklet

is designed for people who might not have all the right supplies and it neatly contains the exercises in one place

It is an excellent "on holiday' experience, being light and easy to pack, and makes a fabulous gift

booklet price

buy a book

find out more about the book



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Beverley is a town in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia, 133 kilometres south-east of the state capital, Perth, between York and Brookton on the Great Southern Highway.

I have lived here for about 6 years now, and I love it

There are big wide streets, no traffic, and its very relaxed and laid back -

It's a small population but there are a few galleries in the main street now, with more being built

I think it's because its a great place to make art

click here to check out places to stay in Beverley

You can drive from Beverley to Perth - depending on where you live - its about 90 minutes on average - but there are plenty of great places to stay overnight too

images of Mandys coloured pencil drawings of buildings in Beverley western australia


we start painting at 10am

This workshop is on Saturday, and Abstract Painting is on Sunday
click here to see the Art Garden workshop calendar


This workshop is all about an easy technique that helps you to free yourself up and accept a bit of chaos on your canvas -

I spent many months working out the process and would love to share it all here with you in a series of simple steps


* This project book naturally breaks up into easily achievable stages

* It is simple and great fun - the first exercise is laying down your favorite colours onto the wooden canvas

* Then we let that dry and get into making some stamps - practicing with them on paper and cards

* Once we are well practiced and ready - we stamp onto the wooden canvas creating a cacaphony of colour and shapes

* Then we have a break to eat , where you can walk up to the local cafe, bakery or eat your own lunch in the garden

* We come back to a table ready to look at templates and shapes or ideas to put a light layer over your canvas

* About now you are ready for a wine, coffee or tea, just to help give you a burst of energy to finish off your awesome work

* By the end of the day you will have learnt heaps about markmaking, templates and stamping- which is a wonderful addition to the skills of even an accomplished artist

* and because each element is broken down this technique will help a beginner create a complete painting


Other Workshops

Before I went completely abstract - I first became absorbed in stamp painting

It helped me to loosen up and realise how pleasurable art was without the boundaries of expectation

Every mark is a surprise - and there is no pressure because its a background that you paint over - it is a wonderful feeling

As a controlled artist for over 30 years I felt a rush of the wonder I had experienced as a young artist just learning everything, it was so exciting

Since then I have been breaking more and more boundaries and have immersed myself into abstract art - I LOVE IT