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Art Workshops and Books

Check out the latest art workshops at the Art Garden, virtual or beyond

Learn to create some gorgeous artwork of your own with an easy step by step instruction booklets with matching videos, and informative emails

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a photo of the booklet leaning against a framed artwork an example of the abstract watercolour patterns that you can make an example of stamp painting with a white tree icon over a stamped background a shot of the swatch painting workshop booklets a front cover view of the workshop booklet an intuitive abstract painting by Mandy

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The Art Garden

Mandys latest indoor-outdoor gallery workshop space in Beverley Western Australia

a view of the hand sculpted papercrete columns in the art garden The wooden display table covered in art prints by Mandy Mandy on a ladder painting a mural of the art garden logo one of the long garden beds areas full of leafy green vegetables,fountains and birdbaths the art garden logo by Mandy which is a black tree enclosed by a circle a mural on a wall at the art garden painted in simple black and white patterns
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Unique limited edition prints

Mandy has been creating uplifting and positive art for over 30 years. The best of which has been made into large limited edition prints to suit all sorts of different moods and spaces in your home

There is always one print being featured in an online special and competition
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an example of one of Mandys limited edition prints framed in a room the limited edition print -at the beach- styled in a light frame in a beach themed room mandys art print of going fishing in a light frame in a minimal modern style The limited edition called digging in the garden framed in an interior decoration setting Sailing Through Life in a childrens bedroom styled interior

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Inspirational art to make your home decore come alive - with a unique personal touch

The art on your walls sends you a message every time you look at it - its training your brain
Choose something good - art with meaning

Art Series

Through the years Mandy has created many different series of work - all are available as small mounted prints - covering a large range of themes, they make excellent gifts

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