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If you LOVE art, gardening and sustainability - get sent the updates of an aquaponic sculpture garden food forest artwork being built - one artwork at a time

large limited edition prints

The best of Mandys work over the last 30 years has been made into large limited edition prints to suit all sorts of different moods and spaces in your home - and these will help fund experimental projects in garden design and sustainability

Our home in Beverley Western Australia is a living artwork

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small mounted prints

Through the years Mandy has created many different series of work - all are available as small mounted prints - covering a large range of themes, they make excellent gifts

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original paintings

As a progressive artist who is constantly pushing the boundaries, uplevelling skills and creating art series in different mediums - there is always more work to look at - the latest being ABSTRACT PAINTING

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In the baby steps of building the sculpture garden Mandy has developed a modular garden art collection perfect for the tiny back yards of modern homes

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a collective group of limited edition prints by Mandy

Limited Editions

mandys latest series of paintings are abstracts

New Art Series

an amalgamation of different sculptures by Mandy


a photo of the very first garden area Mandy has been hard landscaping with the pots and blocks that she sculpts

Latest Garden Project

one of Mandys new abstract paintings

Previous Art Series

Sculpture Gardens

We are building gardens on our purpose-bought property in the increasingly dry wheatbelt town of Beverley Western Australia - eventually it will become a fabulous food forest sculpture park / sculpture garden of Mandys artwork

You can support this ongoing project at many levels - you can purchace some of Mandys excusive artworks - available at many different price points- but equally important is to share her work using the share buttons at the bottom of every page

By subscribing to Mandys Art - you get to see the progressions of the fabulous food forest garden art - regularly see the new art series release - and get access to exclusive subscriber discounts

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a cement sculpture made by Mandy of twp people immersed into a boat one of Mandys gorgeous cement bowls in a dramatic dark setting with the words - design your future a sculpted cement love heart made by Mandy Evans Artist One of Mandys mandala drawings split in half and inversed with the words - everything is one and the same Two gorgeous small cement bowls on hand carved cement plints with a groovy patterned design on paper pinned behind them - all made by Mandy A hand sculpted cement pear by Mandy with the words - less is more